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Sickness Policy (required by Interior Health)

Our policies and practices regarding the illness of a child are:     
This is a licensed facility, and in accordance with the Ministry regulations, I must report suspected or actual abuse or neglect of a child.
Children must be in good health to attend daycare. Should your child show signs of illness, please refer to the information below to see whether or not you should be bringing them to daycare. Usually if you are wondering if they should be attending or not, they probably shouldn't be. If your child is not able to participate in regular activities, they must be kept at home or we will notify you to take them home. We must follow licensing regulations at all times, and a sick child does not allow us to do so.

It is imperative that you notify us if your child(ren) has been exposed to or contracted any contagious illness, an infestation of head lice or pink eye. A medical exam is required before returning to daycare.
If your child(ren) should become sick while at the daycare, then we will notify you and ask that you arrange for them to be picked up, either by you or someone on your list of alternate people allowed to pick up your child(ren). Your child(ren) will remain in a separate, visible, area until you are able to have them picked up from daycare.
Prescription medicine will be administered if prescribed within the previous two weeks and is dated accordingly. Non-prescription medication can only be administered when specific written instruction is provided from a physician and presented to us. The parent must sign a medication consent form.
Is my child too sick to be at daycare?
The following list is from the Interior Health Authority.  It is their regulations that state whether your child is allowed to attend daycare.  If you think that your child may not be ok to be at daycare, they probably are not.  If unsure, check with a doctor and get a note saying it is ok. 

If your child has a fever and it reduces because you gave them tylenol or some other fever reducer, they are still not able to attend daycare.  The fever must be gone on its own.  The child is still contagious even though you lowered the fever and made them feel more comfortable. 
DiseaseSymptoms                         Infectious            Remove from care

Common cold

Minor runny nose, clear discharge            Yes                                 No

Cold with any of the following symptoms

Fever above 37 C
White, yellow, green discharge
Very runny nose with clear discharge 
tired, coughing, sneezing                               Yes              Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                        return to common
                                                                                                        cold for 24 hrs

CroupSeal like bark cough,
usually worse at night                                     Yes               Yes, until symptoms
dangerous to children under 2 yrs                                   gone for 24 hrs

Fever or diarrhea with no other                  Yes               Yes, until symptoms
 symptoms                                                                                   gone for 24 hrs 
Diarrhea with any of the following
Runny stools, fever above 37 C,                 Yes               Yes, until symptoms
bad smell, fussy, cranky, pain, vomiting                        gone for 24 hrs
Ear infections
Fever, clear discharge from nose,
cranky, pulls on ear                                          No                 Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                          gone for 24 hrs
Flu with any of the following symptoms
Fever above 37 C, cranky, in pain,
may have runny nose, nausea,
vomiting or diarrhea                                        Yes                Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                           gone for 24 hrs
Herpes simplex,  cold sore, fever blister
Fever blister or sore around mouth          Yes              Yes, until all symptoms
                                                                                                         gone for 24 hrs, may
                                                                                                         require a prescription
                                                                                                         to clear up quickly,
                                                                                                         very contagious and
                                                                                                         once you have it, you
                                                                                                         have it for life.
Impetigo Crusty rash,
mostly on face, arms or legs                          Yes              Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                         gone for 24 hrs, may
                                                                                                         require antibiotics
Nausea and/or Vomiting
                                                                                   Yes             Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                        gone for 24 hrs
Pink eye
Thick discharge from eye(s),
redness or itching of eye(s)                            Yes            Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                        gone for 24 hrs, may
                                                                                                        require antibiotics
Rashes or Red spots, can be measles          Yes            Yes until symptoms
                                                                                                        gone for 24 hrs
Sore throat with any of the following
Fever above 37 C, red throat, hurts
to swallow (could be strept throat)              Yes            Yes, until symptoms
                                                                                                         gone for 24 hrs, may
                                                                                                         require antibiotics
If there is an emergency and none of the contacts are available, the child's physician and/or an ambulance will be called.   
Parents must inform us within 24 hours if their child has been diagnosed with or exposed to a serious illness or communicable disease.        
I will notify Interior Health within 24 hours of it being brought to my attention that a child has a reportable communicable disease. The appropriate follow up measures will be taken as advised by Interior Health and all the other parents will also be informed of the potential spread of illness or disease.  
The following is a list of serious illnesses that if your child has any of them, they will not be allowed to attend the center until they have a note from their doctor:       
Food Born Illnesses (all causes)        
Hepatitis A, B and C        
German Measles (Rubella)        
Bacterial or Viral Meningitis        
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (E Coli)        
Meningococal Disease (bacteraemia or meningitis)        
Pertusiss (whooping cough)        
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (will be reported due to abuse issues)         
Water Born Illnesses (all causes)
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